Why Wellspring

I love being at Wellspring and I am in awe of the impact we have on people's lives.

Simply put: Wellspring truly is a place of healing & transformation.

Yes, we specialize in massage, stretch & sports therapy. We are staffed by veteran therapists at the top of their field.

But body therapy is only the beginning.

We are also gatekeepers, there by your side as you initiate total health & wellness transformation.

By unlocking your body, by paying incredibly close attention to you and your needs, we help you open your mind up to the possibilities for even greater wellbeing & fulfillment.

Before you know it, you're asking us if we know any good trainers. You're asking us how you can improve your diet & nutrition. You're wondering about the benefits of acupuncture, chiropractic or naturopathic care.

Many of them work right here, alongside us, at Wellspring.

With our support, you experience some of the finest practitioners of traditional and alternative medicine in Arizona. We don't always give you the answers - but we make darn sure to send you to the experts who do. They work with us - and with you - to help you break down those walls and get yourself feeling amazing again, no matter your age, unique challenges or current stress levels.

Good health starts between the ears. It is your mindset that matters.

Are you focused?

Are you pursuing life with passion & purpose?

Are you open to abundance & possibilities?

At Wellspring, we cherish each new guest, each new opportunity to be the catalyst for your healing transformation.

~ Nick Tambakeras

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