I had a really bad low back pain and a really stiff neck and body in general. I tried a chiropractor...which got me even worse. A friend recommended me the Scottsdale Integrated Therapies center and I had the great surprise to receive the good care of Pagona. Not only she relieves the pain via her different soft techniques but also gives me useful advise to maintain the benefit of each session and work on the problematic parts of my body on my own. Bad habits come tend to return so it's good to get these advice. She is also such a nice person, which adds greatly to the relaxing session experience. I recommend her to all my family and friends here.
- Delphine DeFlandre

Life without pain has changed my life. I have tried everything - physical therapy, medications, injections, even surgery, but nothing has made me feel better than the fascial stretch/neuromuscular therapy that Nancie performs. It has honestly changed my life. The pain, muscle spasms, fatigue and stiffness caused by my autoimmune disease had a huge impact on every aspect of my life. After just six sessions with Nancie, I am now more productive at work, sleep better, am off pain medication, enjoy social and recreational activities, and have an overall sense of well-being. Nancie's dedication, commitment and plain hard work in addressing my specific needs and "unlocking" my body have enabled me to feel like myself again. I will be forever grateful to her for giving me my life back. The combination of her "magic" therapy, laser medical device and home stretch program have made all the difference in the world to me. Nancie's enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious. There is hope! I am a walking, smiling testimonial to what she can do!
- Jennifer Johnson

Pagona has been a trusted caregiver for the past 4 years. Her professionalism, technique and ability to diagnose is a rare combination based upon my experience with therapeutic health providers. I have recommended her to many others who share the sentiment. I also had the chance to visit her native Greece with her, which was a wonderful experience. Traveling with Pagona helped us find the most interesting places and sights, and certainly helped immerse us in the culture in a unique way. Big thumbs up!
- Frank Busch

Last week I went in for my first (and absolutely NOT my last) treatment with Pagona. My left shoulder and neck were in knots and had been bothering me for days. Now I am not a fan of deep tissue massage so it's usually hard for therapists to really work out what ails me. Pagona's technique is so incredible that she managed to really make me feel better without making me white knuckle it through the pain! In what seemed like no time at all, Pagona had managed to unwind the whole left side of my body! I haven't been that relaxed in years. No joke! She did the same for the right side and so on and so on. And p.s., in addition to being a WONDERFUL therapist, she is a lovely, lovely person! I could not recommend her more highly.
- Jennifer Carmen Rojas

So my husband has had intermittent but fairly chronic back pain for the last who knows how long. He met with you to get work done and went to work a few hours later. He called me from the airport after his flight and told me I had to call you immediately to tell you that the new STRETCHES combined with the massage absolutely rocked his world. He wants this to be part of his preventative-care on a regular basis, along with chiropractic, to keep his back in check. Said he felt awesome, which was even more amazing considering he'd been in such pain hours earlier. As always, you rock. Looking forward to hearing what other people think of your magic touch when they see what else you can do now too!!
- Sara Frederick

The knowledge behind her strength and skill is formidable, and she uses it to provide a precise and healing touch?. And her ?upbeat? spirit is cheering to the soul!
- Joe Moeller

I feel so fortunate to be able to benefit from all three therapies you provide your clients. The combination of massage, stretch and the LTO med device gives my mind and body the relief it needs. I am so impressed with you assessing skills. My individual needs are always met during each therapy session. Your enthusiasm and passion for your therapy work really shows! You are truly an expert in your field. Wishing you continued success at Scottsdale Integrated Therapies!
- Julie Martin

I firmly believe the reason that my body still lets me do the things that I like is because of the therapy that Nancie has used over the past 10 years. Her deep tissue massage is the best. Her evolving techniques with all tools are the best.
- Lynn Earnest

For 10 years I have had the best massages ever. Nancie seems to know exactly where to work on me and get me back to doing the things I like to do, like golf. She is a very caring person and wants to help each one of us to stay supple. She is on top of all the newest methods in treating her clients. Each day while we are in Colorado, I tell my husband that I need Nancie today. The laser therapy has been very helpful with my golf elbow.
- Gayle Earnest

I have received your excellent massages for over fifteen years. When you began to introduce your new product this year, the resulting therapeutic massage became even better with deeper penetration and intense relaxation. I am convinced this is the way to proceed for all your clients.
- Karen

I had the privilege of experiencing Ruel's therapy this winter. I am a physician and outdoor enthusiast. I have been a runner for 50 years. I can wholeheartedly recommend his work for physicians and their patients or anyone in need of myofascial therapy. His technique is the most effective of anyone I have ever experienced. His knowledge of post-therapy stretching was invaluable. He is a wonderful addition to our medical community.

- James Jones, MD

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