Sports Injury Therapy

Sports Injury Therapy

Sports injury therapy involves numerous modalities based on the issue. A range of motion evaluation is performed as well as posture/gait analysis that will help determine what the focus of the therapy will be. Injury work often requires a combination of modalities that we at Wellspring specialize in and a program is created for each individual to obtain the best results possible. Each client will also be given a prevention and maintenance program.

This therapy is also recommended for anyone who has continued to have issues from a past injury or surgery that may be causing pain and restriction presently.

Interested in learning techniques to help with common pains & strains?

Slavic Kodryan, Massage & Healing Specialist for the Chicago Cubs, stopped by our clinic to share some of his knowledge with Ruel, our newest star therapist. Slavic's trigger point technique is great for professional athletes, but can often be too intense for many of our clients who are looking for a great combination of relaxation and sports therapy.

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