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All of our massage therapists have dedicated their lives to their craft. They are deeply connected to their beloved clients, many of who have been regulars for almost 20 years!

Wellspring is the place to come if you want to be known; if you want to be heard; if you want to connect with professionals who have built a true community of trust through their hard work, dedication and appreciation of others.

Yes, there are other massage therapists out there. And, to be honest, if you want something predictable that's "good enough," those are the places to go.

At Wellspring, no 2 massage treatments are the same.

Everything we do is based around analyzing your body's needs, working on problem areas meticulously, and employing a whole toolkit of massage techniques to leave you feeling better.

Come discover the Wellspring difference today.

Service Options:

Fascial Stretch Therapy & Elite Massage (Medical)deep-tissue-massage.jpg

30 Minute Targeted Treatment

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Other Services:

Treatment Plans

After your initial consultation and therapy, we offer a variety of treatment plans. Please note that our therapists are happy to provide a one-time therapeutic or relaxation session (and we are second-to-none in that regard!), but we are ultimately focused on becoming your long-term wellness partner.

As with a medical prescription or workout program, you receive the benefits only after consistent and persistent action. The same applies to our bodywork, fitness & body reboot programs. At your first appointment, be sure to share any mid- to long-term goals you hope to accomplish with us.

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