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Customized Stretch and Massage Therapy

At Wellspring Integrated Therapies we specialize in customizing your treatment according to your needs each visit. Improve sports performance, obtain optimal flexibility and eliminate pain. We employ only elite therapists who have a deep background in sports therapy modalities. We actively engage in your comprehensive treatment plan & we interface regularly with your other wellness providers to make sure that your Wellspring experience truly revolutionizes the way your body works.

Massage Therapy

Wellspring Integrated Therapies specializes in 5 different forms of massage therapy. Our specially trained therapists carefully evaluate the clients needs and form a custom plan to get you back to feeling 100%. To read more on the different types of massages we offer, please visit one of the following pages:

E-Stim/Laser Stimulation Therapy

Low level cold laser and electrical stimulation therapy is used to help facilitate healing at a cellular level to balance the cells so the body can heal naturally.

This treatment is used in conjunction with the other therapies if needed depending on the client's issues.

It has been shown to improve a number of issues such as tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon tears, arthritis, neck/back/knee pain and carpal tunnel just to name a few.

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Stretch Therapy

FST is an assisted stretching technique that is performed with the client on the treatment table with comfortable straps to stabilize a limb or part of the body that is not being worked on. It is a modified PNF technique that focuses on increasing range of motion without pain by tractioning the joints so they can move freely to achieve the maximum stretch.

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Sports Injury Therapy

Sports injury therapy involves numerous modalities based on the issue. A range of motion evaluation is performed as well as posture/gait analysis that will help determine what the focus of the therapy will be. Injury work often requires a combination of modalities that we at S.I.T. specialize in and a program is created for each individual to obtain the best results possible.

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