melanie copy.jpgMelanie Schneider, BA, ACE, PTA Global

Melanie has multiple nationally accredited certifications, including ACE, PTA Global, and 4 extensive Z-Health certifications (a neurologically-based fitness system -- R, S, I and T Phase). A graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans with a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Sociology, Melanie grew up in Westport, CT.

Melanie is a patient, methodical functional fitness-based trainer. Diagnosed with scoliosis and having undergone spinal fusion surgery at 13, Melanie understands firsthand the struggle to remain physically fit while limiting movement or protecting sensitive areas. Melanie’s methods are deeply rooted in the understanding that working out is about bringing your body into balance with the physical world, first and foremost.

Through a combination of extensive training and having to personally rebuild her own body's strength & coordination - joint by joint, muscle by muscle - Melanie has gained a unique, tactile understanding of the body and how to truly re-build strength from the ground up. Someone can tell you that you to "activate your glutes" during your squats, but if they have never experienced being unable to activate a certain muscle, and having to re-learn how to use that muscle, then they may not be providing much value to you. Like every practitioner at Wellspring, Melanie’s methods are rooted in developing a proper program of action to achieve a desired outcome.

In her spare time, you’ll find Melanie hiking, trail running, cycling and sunning throughout Arizona & California.

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